• What is ZERO CLAMP?

    ZERO CLAMP is a company that develops and manufactures clamping devices and loading robots for the machining industry.

  • Where can I buy ZERO CLAMP products?

    Please contact our sales partners.

  • How do I contact ZERO CLAMP if I have any questions?

    If you need any help or detailed information on individual products, please contact our service team or your closest sales partner.

  • Can I become a ZERO CLAMP distributor?

    Please contact us if you love our products and would like to sell them in your country as a certified ZERO CLAMP sales partner.

  • Is it possible to book an appointment at the company or organize a factory tour?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our production facilities and discover how ZERO CLAMP products are manufactured using ZERO CLAMP products. Just get in touch and we will arrange an appointment with you.

  • I have some questions/suggestions/requests

    We are always happy to get feedback from prospective and existing customers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you.

System information

Zero point clamping system

The pneumatic zero point clamping system ensures maximum flexibility and process reliability throughout the entire production process.

Modular clamping rail system

The alternative to conventional vices for flexible use on machine tools.


Automated part production even for small series, thanks to maximum flexibility and a wide range of handling options.